Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 26 2012

Title IX, Civil Rights, Sexual Violence, and Clueless Whining

On moving toward a society in which we talk about the rights of victims as well.

Oct 26 2012

Atheists Talk: Josh Brose on CASH

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has a thriving secular student group. Find out what they’re up to this school year.

Oct 25 2012

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Socks

All too often, the history of our country (and any other history really) is presented as a series of dates and battles.

Oct 25 2012

Babies Without the Rape

In which another Republican candidate’s “clarification” fails to make things any better.

Oct 24 2012

Laying It Out

If Rebecca had been out to destroy TAM, this is what she would have told us.

Oct 24 2012

Leaving Them Behind

I have a little sympathy for those who find the world slipping out of their fingers.

Oct 23 2012

A More Active Temple

James Croft is blogging more now that he’s at Patheos, and that’s a very good thing indeed.

Oct 23 2012

Just Getting a Response

Did you know that what the slimepit does is just responding to my “controversial opinions”?

Oct 22 2012

Donors Choose Returns

I really don’t want to have to do this.

Oct 22 2012

Where to Find Me

More events, more conferences, and a party!

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