Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 31 2012

Bitch Bad

Looking at some of the frictions between its various meanings.

Oct 31 2012

Doing Social Science Skepticism Right

Encouraging skepticism about social science is very hard to do well. CSICon managed it.

Oct 30 2012

Access to Civil Rights History

Teaching technology and history at the same time.

Oct 30 2012

What You Do

“I feel like I should be doing more to help, but…”

Oct 29 2012

So You Want a Third Party

Your third-party candidate is going to fail at the national level and may take your interestes with them. Here’s how to fix that.

Oct 29 2012

Vacula: Ladies, Y U No Quit?

Poster saying, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

“If you can’t handle negative feedback online and have received it many times, disengage and write about another topic (or stop writing).”

Oct 28 2012

The Hand of Paul Kurtz

Trying to understand a legacy that affects us all.

Oct 28 2012

Students Building a Curriculum

One of the best ways students can truly learn their subject is to teach it to someone else.

Oct 27 2012

Embracing the Euphemism

Individually, euphemisms bug me. Collectively, however….

Oct 27 2012

Saturday Storytime: Younger Woman

What do you say to the vampire who’s dating your teenaged daughter?

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