Bitch Bad

We’ve talked about the use of the word “bitch” around here before. It has a…complicated history. A friend posted a video yesterday that gets into some of the frictions between its various meanings.

I don’t agree with the whole thing, but I never expect to agree 100% with song lyrics. They have their own demands.


  1. Jordan Genso says

    I really like Lupe. He’s one of those artists that when they put out a new album, you can be confident buying it even if you haven’t heard any of the songs from it. When I saw his newest one at the store, I loved that he had taken Jay-Z’s idea (in terms of promotion, or the lack thereof) for the Black Album, but Lupe actually did it right.

    Even though I don’t agree with some of his messages (he’s against voting, since the system is so flawed), I think it’s great to see an artist that does such original work.