Talking Women in Secularism

A couple of weeks ago, Scott Lohman president of the Humanists of Minnesota, turned to me before we were about to go on the air for Atheists Talk. He said, “We want to do a show about the current status of women in the secular movement. Think you could do that?”

I said I thought I could. I also said that Kammy, who runs SkepchickCon, could do the same.

So we did, three days later. Some subjects don’t require a lot of preparation these days.



  1. Pteryxx says

    heh, the autocaptions are actually pretty good so far… except for your name, and apparently you write for “Three Five Blocks”. hee

  2. Pteryxx says

    and just so y’all know, Scott Lohman (autocaptioned as Sad Moment) spoke for 10:42 of a 30-minute show, and Stephanie interrupted *him* at least twice. *thumbsup*

    Thanks for mentioning the leadership training the SSA is doing.

  3. Maureen Brian says

    I’m sure Scott Lohman is a lovely guy but surely he’d experience less puzzlement if he could just ditch the notion that women just arrived at atheism, like some Road to Damascus thing.

    I know you and Kammy both kept saying we’d always been here but it wasn’t working. Sad, really.

    The way differential access to resources, including time, made it possible to generate* the illusion that, really, there were no women atheists until a week last Wednesday would make an interesting sociological study. As would the fact that outside the US we’ve been more visibly here all along, though not entirely untroubled by sexist assumptions.

    I still enjoyed that very much. Thank you


    *Deliberately? I still don’t know.