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Sep 20 2012

Is It Michele Bachmann’s Year?

Bachmann started the year looking for a new job. Her district might finally agree it’s time.

Sep 19 2012

Social Security: We Aren’t Investing

House built from $100 bills.

Most of what we do with our retirement funds is gambling with pretty good odds, not investing.

Sep 19 2012

Travel Grants for Skepticon!

“So”, you’ve been thinking to yourself, “is there something I can do to piss off the trolls?”

Sep 18 2012

Social Security: We Suck at Money

Hands holding money.

How much do you really need to know to fund your own retirement?

Sep 18 2012

We Have the Technology

To get this funded.

Sep 18 2012

I Get Email, Atheism+ Edition

I wouldn’t belong to any club that refuses to have me as a member.

Sep 17 2012

Social Security: It Isn’t Broke

"Budget" and dollar-sign street signs.

The day the bad news about Social Security stops coming out of conservative think tanks, then you worry. Until then, relax.

Sep 17 2012

When Pregnancy Starts

What kind of idiot would declare that pregnancy starts at the beginning of a menstrual period? Well, doctors.

Sep 16 2012

Social Security: Should We Double It?

Golden eggs in a basket sitting on one-dollar bills.

We shouldn’t necessarily laugh at the idea. In fact, we should consider it pretty seriously.

Sep 16 2012

How We Fund Education

Moving to Patheos will put Dan more in the way of believers, which fits his approach, but it’s the pay that’s important. Why?

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