Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 30 2012

You Don’t Speak for Me

“I am one of the men these commenters want to trot out as a token for parity in victimization.”

Sep 30 2012

Well, I’ve Got My Rights

There. Blasphemy Day done. Check. Except….

Sep 29 2012

Petition to the Secular Coalition

"Wrong Way" traffic sign.

We urge the Secular Coalition of America to reverse the appointment of Justin Vacula as co-chair of the executive council of the Pennsylvania chapter.

Sep 29 2012

Saturday Storytime: Breaking the Frame

She said yes. Of course she said yes. There are no stories when people say no.

Sep 28 2012

What Wit Wins

Baby sticking out tongue.

On the mocking of trolls.

Sep 28 2012

Atheists Talk: Rebecca Stott on “Darwin’s Ghosts”

This Sunday, Rebecca Stott joins us to talk about evolution’s intellectual forebears.

Sep 27 2012

Schroedinger’s (Female) Rapist

Finger wag from TV series Bones.

Hey, women rape too! Does that make Schroedinger’s Rapist sexist against men?

Sep 27 2012

An Elaborate Fraud

Brian Deer is coming to town, and Andrew Wakefield plans to be here with supporters to meet him.

Sep 26 2012

When Am I Passing?

Tell me, Scott Brown, with your magical ability to race, when am I not telling the truth about my heritage and my identity?

Sep 25 2012

By My Toes

This is how I feel right now whenever I stop moving.

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