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Aug 15 2012

You’re Complaining to the Wrong Department

Put simply, the privileged perspective and the naive perspective line up on questions of inclusion.

Aug 14 2012

Marketing Atheism


Adam Brown shares advice from years of working on atheist marketing projects.

Aug 14 2012

Mock the Movie: Shark Week Edition

What do you get when you combine Carmen Electra, the less-popular O’Connell brother, and the daughter of a professional wrestler?

Aug 13 2012

Minneapolis Primary Sample Ballot

Be prepared to vote tomorrow. I am.

Aug 12 2012

Offerings for Atheists


Atheists who attended Friday nights baseball game were left a little present.

Aug 11 2012

Not a Pretty Picture

The "happy couple" in this detail from one of Sinclair's photos are 16 and 14.

Still, looking is truly the very least we can do.

Aug 11 2012

Saturday Storytime: Armless Maidens of the American West

You start to think that you’re the only one who has ever seen her.

Aug 10 2012

Atheists Talk: Jessica Ahlquist

In town for this weekend’s conference, Jessica will join us in the studio to talk about her court case and about how life has been since it was won.

Aug 10 2012

In Praise of Whistleblowers

Think releasing our emails would make Thunderf00t a “whistleblower”? Think harder.

Aug 09 2012

Just What Philosophers Do?

In which I fail miserably at staying out of the argument over Sam Harris.

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