Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 20 2012

Standing on Our Own

One more reason why Atheism+ isn’t simply Humanism.

Aug 20 2012

The History of Women in Freethought

Annie Laurie Gaylor gives us a fascinating glimpse at the giants on whose shoulders we’re standing.

Aug 19 2012

How Failing Aan Failed Ourselves

The failure of the Aan petition is a tragedy, and not just for the man sitting in prison. We need to learn these lessons.

Aug 19 2012

Motivated Research on the Wage Gap

Borrowing science’s good reputation for political purposes.

Aug 18 2012

Finding the Women

A simple trick for dispelling that blankness when someone says, “Quick, name a female speaker.”

Aug 18 2012

Saturday Storytime: Zero Bar

“You gotta understand, Zoe. As a parent, you want your child to have every possible advantage.”

Aug 17 2012

It Isn’t Enough to Feel Righteous

You also have to be right, particularly when it comes to legal doctrines like Fair Use.

Aug 17 2012

Atheists Talk: David Niose on “Nonbeliever Nation”

David Niose joins us to talk about what the coming secular nation will really look like.

Aug 16 2012


Because Edison was an ass, and because we have an opportunity to treat Tesla better than his contemporaries did.

Aug 16 2012

Just Five Questions

“Oh, so we should have mentioned that we have questions. You know, like James Lipton.”

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