Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 31 2012

Islamophobia and Skepticism

Two young Iranian girls in head scarves

Are we, as Chris Stedman suggests, ignoring a problem that’s going to bite us in the butt?

Aug 31 2012

Atheists Talk: Teresa MacBain

The former pastor turned public relations guru for American Atheists joins us to tell her story.

Aug 30 2012

Women in Secularism 2 Registration Now Open

And just look at that list of speakers.

Aug 30 2012

Making Atheism+ Accessible

This is what Atheism+ is supposed to do. Now it does.

Aug 29 2012

“Legitimate Differences of Opinion”

Laying out an Atheism Plus-style challenge on equity feminism.

Aug 29 2012

Mock the Movie: Who Doesn’t Love Telepathic Canibals?

I mean, really. What more could you want?

Aug 28 2012

Disassembling the Magic Button

We’ve been offered theories that would lead to a cure before. Is that really what we’re getting this time?

Aug 28 2012

We’ll Say That It Is Good

Rain on your wedding day? Not ironic. Rain at your national convention, however?

Aug 27 2012

The Poison of Positive Thinking

The logical and disgusting outcome of belief in “healing energy”.

Aug 27 2012

For Juniper

Depression is a jealous mate. It wants to possess every tiny bit of you, even if it has to kill you to be sure of you.

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