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Jul 13 2012

Atheists Talk: Kim Rippere on Secular Woman

Kim Rippere, the president of Secular Woman, will join us this Sunday to discuss the vision, mission, goals, and values of the organization.

Jul 12 2012

I Hate to Say, “I Told You So” (Updated)


That thing about asking whether TAM intended to have an anti-harassment policy this year? Yeah, about that.

Jul 11 2012

Talking About Harassment

You didn’t think I could go to an convention without the talk turning to harassment, did you?

Jul 09 2012

How to Argue

Don’t start the argument unless your opponent is dead wrong.

Jul 09 2012

Nothing New Over the Tubes

The first panel I was on at SkepchickCon/CONvergence this weekend was “Growing Up Online”. I’m a little old to have really grown up on the internet, but I participated in the transition to online life as soon as that was a reasonable (as opposed to unweildly techy) thing to do. As such, one of the …

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Jul 08 2012

The Gender Binary & LGBTI People – Myth and Medical Malpractice

The Freethought Festival talk by physiologist Veronica Drantz.

Jul 08 2012

Committing to Marriage Equality

We need to have these conversations, now and into November.

Jul 07 2012

Based on Judeo-Christian Values, Huh?

Andrew Seidel compares our laws and founding principles to theirs.

Jul 07 2012

Saturday Storytime: Comes the Huntsman

I should never have been mad enough to eat that apple.

Jul 06 2012

Diversity in the Atheist Community

We should be uncomfortable that there is a large population of nonreligious people who don’t find our movement relevant to their lives.

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