Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 31 2012

Naked in Print

I’d hear de Botton’s book on sex wasn’t good. I had no idea it was this bad.

Jul 30 2012

More Policies in Place

Two more organizations release their anti-harassment policies.

Jul 29 2012

Mock the Movie Presents Ninja Terminator

We’re watching bad movies. Really bad movies. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful idea?

Jul 28 2012

Saturday Storytime: Peas, Plots, and Peril

“He was an idiot. But a good-looking idiot, with wealth and power enough to make up for his lack of wits.”

Jul 27 2012

So You Want to Tell a Rape Joke


Have a visual aid to make things easy.

Jul 26 2012

A Skeptic’s Guide to Islam

Looking for a good guide to Islam from a skeptical, non-racist perspective? Help it get written.

Jul 25 2012

“Scientific” Racism Among Atheists (Updated)

In which the patterns from our gender-inclusion discussions play out all over again in race-inclusion discussions. With a familiar name involved.

Jul 25 2012

In a Violent Context

Mass violence, and thinking both about and beyond mental illness.

Jul 23 2012

Would It Be Immoral to Rape My Friends?

The dehumanization gets ever more blatant.

Jul 22 2012

Stereotype Threat: “A Problem That Does Not Exist”?

A recent Skeptics in the Pub invitee has declared the death of stereotype threat, but what does the paper say?

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