How to Argue

I don’t know how JT did it, but he somehow got a hold of my argument playbook for this speech at Freethought Festival.

Now you know all my tricks, including the most important one. Don’t start the argument unless your opponent is dead wrong. Think that’ll help?


  1. otrame says

    You remind me of Heinlein’s aphorism:

    When in the course of any marital argument you realize that you are 100% in the right—apologize immediately.

  2. Rieux says

    Off-topic: at 8:17 this morning, it’s a boy. (Or at least AMAB, if that’s better stated.)

    6 pounds 14 ounces, 19.25 inches, 22 hours of back labor by a mom who demonstrated unbelievable guts and stamina in 3 hours of grueling pushing. Then he wrecked the Apgar curve.

    Now bedtime. Explaining how rape culture is nasty bullshit that all us XYs have a responsibility to resist will come soon enough.

    (Not snark.)

  3. jenny6833a says

    The kid in the video would be good if he’d slow down, enunciate, and keep his voice volume within the range of the mic.