Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 11 2012


Crommunist makes some excellent points about music, and I sit back and watch.

Jun 11 2012

“The Problem of Dogmatic Feminism”

I was an unannounced guest on yesterday’s Ask an Atheist.

Jun 10 2012

Doing Away With “Drama”


Why dismissing the real issues that are at play in our communities as “drama” will only prolong the pain.

Jun 09 2012

Saturday Storytime: The Ruby Incomparable

“If I learn Power, I can have all those things anyway,” Svnae observed.

Jun 08 2012

Those Oversensitive, Lying Women

Why are these men so afraid of anti-harassment policies?

Jun 08 2012

Atheists Talk: Robert M. Price on “The Christ-Myth Theory and Its Problems”

The ever-entertaining Robert Price joins us this Sunday to talk about his new mythicist book.

Jun 07 2012

How Long Do We Put Up With This?


The context for Rebecca Watson’s “sexist joke” at the Women in Secularism conference.

Jun 06 2012

Black and White

I just ran into the very last “both sides” skeptic that I could handle right now.

Jun 05 2012

The Art of Misogyny


MRA art? Yeah, that’s a thing.

Jun 04 2012

What Did D.J. Apologize For?

Going over the apology in detail.

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