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Jun 17 2012

Harming TAM

Who is trying to harm TAM? Me? Or is it someone else?

Jun 16 2012

“The Great Penis Debate” Transcript, Part III

“I’m not going to get to it on here, but basically, nobody complained about sexual harassment on it or anything else. What more do you want TAM or DJ to do?”

Jun 16 2012

“The Great Penis Debate” Transcript, Part II

“I think that, in my opinion, the evidence that supports the idea that this even needs to be a fucking discussion is completely bullshit.”

Jun 16 2012

“The Great Penis Debate” Transcript, Part I

“Because at the end of the day, what I’m hoping we all walk away with, and any viewers or listeners might walk away with, are the facts.”

Jun 16 2012

Saturday Storytime: Sleep No More

If she’d remained sitting in the car, she would have been asleep in minutes. By staying on her feet, she might gain another period of time to work out the solution.

Jun 15 2012

Minnesota Atheists at Juneteenth Festival

And a regional chapter of Black Atheists of America. Some help is still needed.

Jun 15 2012

Atheists Talk: Jen Hancock on “The Bully Vaccine”

Jen Hancock joins us Sunday with some tips on dealing with bullies and other undesirables.

Jun 14 2012

Those Meddling Kids

Did DJ simply forget to tell us about this one?

Jun 13 2012

“The Great Penis Debate”

Anti-harassment policies explained to the crew of The Ardent Atheist. Also, a bribe.

Jun 13 2012

Begging the Question: A How-To

Katherine Kersten returns to the Star Tribune to give us a lesson in fallacies. Her fallacies, of course.

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