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Jun 23 2012

On Repeat

I’m babysitting a child with limited mobility this weekend. That means a lot of television as entertainment. That means a lot–an awful lot–of theme song over and over and over again. Like this one. At least I have one show she likes that has a decent theme song.

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Jun 23 2012

Saturday Storytime: If the Mountain Comes

“I can make this river flow again. And when the waters flow again, your town will name it.”

Jun 22 2012

Atheists Talk: Katherine Stewart on “The Good News Club”

It’s time to recognize and fight the covert conversion of school children to fundamentalism.

Jun 21 2012


When what is left out makes all the difference in the world.

Jun 20 2012

Just in Time

Exactly what I needed.

Jun 20 2012

Why #IDidNotReport

I’m not a victim of sexual assault who just happened to be too weak to report. I’m a victim of sexual assault because I was too weak to report.

Jun 19 2012

Now With Added Pony


A pony of my very own.

Jun 19 2012

What Is a Troll?

Crowdsourcing a definition. I can haz help, plz?

Jun 18 2012

How It Is Pronounced

If you’re going to talk about me, you might as well get the name right.

Jun 18 2012

An Organizational Perspective

Wise words from process geeks on how organizations run effectively.

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