Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 30 2012

Saturday Storytime: In the Dark

“He’ll have to tell that gypsy boy about it, show him how dangerous it might be.”

Jun 30 2012

Atheists Talk: Grant Steves on Ethics, Science, or Religion

Ethics, Science, or Religion – Which Has the Answer?

Jun 29 2012

I Like This Lindsay Guy

This is what makes all this strain worth it.

Jun 28 2012

The Big News of the Day

No, not the SCOTUS ruling. The other big news.

Jun 28 2012

Is Cyberstalking Abuse?

Do they not understand it’s abusive, or do they just not care?

Jun 27 2012


Or, A Comment Policy

Jun 26 2012

American Atheists Want People to Have Sex at Their Conferences

Dave Silverman just told me so on a conference call–announcing AA’s anti-harassment policy.

Jun 26 2012

Congratulations on Not Harassing Anyone…This Time

You have to wonder why someone would put this in writing.

Jun 25 2012

Comment Moderation: Whys and How Tos

More prep work for talking about trolls at SkepchickCon/CONvergence.

Jun 24 2012

Sexual Harassment: Definitions and Legalities

“Sexual harassment can only happen in a workplace, by definition.” Oh, really?

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