On Repeat

I’m babysitting a child with limited mobility this weekend. That means a lot of television as entertainment. That means a lot–an awful lot–of theme song over and over and over again. Like this one.

At least I have one show she likes that has a decent theme song.

Then I got smart and gave her a choice between movies. Ah, a respite.


  1. throwaway says

    Wait, which one do you like? Personally I’m fond of the DangerMouse theme. Maybe because I get nostalgic over DM, what.

  2. anna says

    I think introducing a child to Batman Beyond proves you are an EXCELLENT babysitter.

  3. says

    The Danger Mouse signature tune was the best part of the cartoon for me, alas! Was never a fan of DM getting his orders from an establishment blimp like the chief and continually saying, “hush, Penfold!”. Sacrilege, I know.

  4. says

    jon, I’m going to take a moment from the diaper changes, medications, feedings, and reading Frank Baum fairy tales to say: don’t do that. If it’s meant to be funny, well, it’s not. If it’s meant as a judgment on letting the kid watch a bunch of TV, you don’t have the information you need.