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May 25 2012

On Witches and the Hunting Thereof

Gravestone of Bridget Bishop, first victim of the Salem witch trials.

So this anti-harassment discussion is all a big “witch hunt”, huh? What are you really trying to tell me?

May 25 2012

Atheists Talk: Victor Stenger on “God and the Folly of Faith”

Victor Stenger has very thoroughly answered the compatibility question. This Sunday, he joins us to talk about it.

May 24 2012

The Power of Coalition

James responds to my concerns about the exclusionary nature of inclusion.

May 23 2012

Real Progress

You’re ready for some good news on the harassment front, right? You’ve come to the right place.

May 22 2012

The Value of Defiance

There is potential for an insidious downside to greater group organization and identity in our movement.

May 22 2012

Making It Safer in the Meantime


This one is for the event organizers. Feel free to send it to them.

May 20 2012

Zero Intolerance


Wait. Which male atheist speakers do what to women?

May 20 2012

Austerity or Prosperity

It really is a choice.

May 19 2012

More Progress


What it means when the president speaks even empty words.

May 19 2012

Saturday Storytime: Movement

My father is a believer in technology, and that is why he contacted the research institute. He wants to fix me. He is certain there is a way.

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