Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 31 2012

On the Interplay of Values and Goals

James responds on why moral communities, even small, are necessary.

May 31 2012

D.J. Grothe Tackles the Problem of Harassment

…by shooting the messenger and denying the problem exists.

May 30 2012

Where Are the Women?

Collecting information on why skeptic and atheist women stop going to conferences.

May 29 2012

The Thing About Work

…is that you can’t just walk away.

May 29 2012

The Freedom of the Artist

What do Karl Rove, the terraforming of Mars, and missionaries singing English hymns in Japan have in common?

May 28 2012

A Coalition Is Not a Community

Why it’s sometimes better not to keep your friends quite so close.

May 28 2012

Fallen Warriors

Remember the other kind of soldier too.

May 27 2012

Flirting Is Easy*

Chili's gets flirting.

If you think it’s hard to tell when someone is flirting with you, you’re probably unclear on exactly what flirting is.

May 26 2012

Nice Tail

Did you want a piece of this? Come and get it, if you can.

May 26 2012

Saturday Storytime: The Chaos Magician’s Mega Chemistry Set

“Then it dawned on Ulu what was going on. But her fear remained because she had no idea how to make it right.”

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