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Apr 24 2012

DNA Days


Find out where we came from and what that does (and doesn’t) mean for us today.

Apr 24 2012

Sometimes Church-State Separation Is Better for the Church

Why is the Russian Orthodox Church claiming that it’s under attack?

Apr 23 2012

About Those Gay Homophobes


That new study that says homophobes are latent homosexuals? Yeah, about that…

Apr 22 2012

High School Math Teachers Don’t Think Girls Can Do Math

200810studentai10edited by Andrius Kulikauskas. Some rights reserved.

One more leak in the pipeline diagnosed.

Apr 21 2012

Stand Your Ground: White Men Only

The problem with a law based on the notion of “reasonable” fear.

Apr 21 2012

Local Conferency Goodness

One big event and one small, whatever suits your needs.

Apr 21 2012

Saturday Storytime: Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City: Prologue

The silliest of the 2012 Hugo Award nominees for short story.

Apr 20 2012

Let’s Talk About CISPA

The link Facebook wouldn’t let me post in my own status update.

Apr 20 2012

Atheists Talk: John Hawks on Human Evolution

Catch up on the latest in the science of human origins.

Apr 19 2012

Can They See Irony?

U.S. nuns in trouble for dabbling in “radical feminist themes”.

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