1. D. C. Sessions says

    Stephanie, would it do any good to send you some of The Mother of All Decongestants? (Homegrown, home-smoke-dried chili powder.) Although five-star Thai soups work nicely too.

    Anyway, just ask.

  2. D. C. Sessions says

    I think I’ll crawl off and hide under one of the pepper bushes now, Stephanie.

    But the offer stands for better days.

  3. says

    No worries, D. C. It made me laugh, which I haven’t done much of this week. :) Also, I’m a hot pepper wimp, though I can eat nearly unlimited ginger.

  4. D. C. Sessions says

    The stuff I make is so smoky that you have to lay it on pretty heavily before the heat is an issue.

    Also: this spring I’m experimenting with a new variety of peppers, called (I kid you not) “Holy Mole,” which is a mild variety of chilaca (aka “chile negro”) and smoky-tasting even before I do the mesquite magic. We’ll see, but it has the potential to make some very non-picante chipotles.