“I’m Voting with My Vagina”

You want one. You know you do.

Don’t feel your voice is being heard at the moment? This bumper sticker is hard to ignore. Details on getting one here.

Or there’s this one.

Voting and campaigning for your candidates and issues are far more important than putting a bumper sticker on your car, of course. On the other hand, it never hurts to be seen to be part of a bloc when your issues are under fire.


  1. eric says

    Thanks Michaeld, I didn’t really need that.

    Though now that you mention it, given our candidate choices, sitting on the touch screen is a fairly appropriate symbolic gesture for both women and men.

  2. says

    There is that, Katherine, and that leaves you in even more precarious a position with regard to these regressive politicians. Based on that, I think you’re allowed to vote with a hypothetical or imputed vagina. At least until they start making vaginas show IDs at the polls.

  3. d cwilson says

    At least until they start making vaginas show IDs at the polls.

    But only as a prelude to kicking vaginas away from the polls and back into the kitchen.

    I don’t have a vagina, even a theoretical one, but I fully support the right of vaginas to go anywhere they please and do whatever they want.

  4. ChrisG says

    Great! Now I have vagina envy. Not that I can vote in a USAian election, but, still….

  5. IslandBrewer says

    I was going to say something about repeatedly ticking a box, but my personal shame associated with bad puns prevented me.

  6. BCat70 says

    @ 5&6, I’m jealous- I don’t have a vagina of my own or plan on getting one. Can I just vote for the vagina I borrow?

  7. M Groesbeck says

    I do not now, nor will I ever likely, have a vagina. I might have to apply for an honorary vagina so I can use that bumper sticker, though.

  8. ibbica says

    Hope this is OK to share here, it’s been brought to mind again by the “but I don’t have a vagina” comments….

    A vagina isn’t yet available, but you can get your very own uterus*, ovary, or mammary glands to take to the voting booth with you!

    IHeartGuts plush organs!

    Also handy for sending as gifts to politicians who don’t have any of these parts but want to control them!

    *At least, I’m reasonably certain the plush “uterus” ends at the cervix. It’s kind of hard to tell for sure, though.

  9. Bryan says

    If senators can get knitted uteruses (uteri?), could I get a knitted vagina to vote with?

  10. says

    “You want one. You know you do.”

    Before clicking through to see the bumper sticker, it looked like you were taunting women like Katherine. 😉