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Mar 26 2012

Magical Thinking at the American Atheists Convention


What a secular pro-life group doesn’t understand about…well, reality.

Mar 25 2012

Matching Funds for Marriage

Today is a good day to help defeat the Minnesota (Anti-)Marriage Amendment.

Mar 25 2012

Anoka-Hennepin Parents Want to Sue for Discrimination

Hey, boys and girls! It’s time for a new episode of As the Bullies Turn!

Mar 24 2012

I Could Care a Little More

This, friends, is why I don’t bother being picky with that particular brand of asshole.

Mar 24 2012

Saturday Storytime: Nightfall in the Scent Garden

Sometimes we make strange bargains, desperate bargains, but our bargains don’t only involve us.

Mar 23 2012

Atheists Talk: John Rawles on “The Matter with Us”

Join us on Sunday as we talk to John Rawles about the responsibilities of living in a material world.

Mar 22 2012

What Maternal Instinct?

One gets to thinking of babies as fragile if one goes too long without touching them. Well, I do.

Mar 21 2012

Justifying the Unjustifiable

Explaining why and how we accept inequalities and injustices that are fundamentally unacceptable.

Mar 21 2012

Religious Skepticism: A Bibliography

A complement to a guest lecture on religious skepticism.

Mar 20 2012

Never That Simple

It’s so easy to go arguing along, laying out the evidence, and find that I’ve followed a tidy path to a conclusion I don’t believe.

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