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For Better For Worse For All

A few days ago, I mentioned that one way to get involved in activism is to lend your professional media skills if you have them. This sort of thing is why:

It’s lovely, it made me sniffly, and it’s exactly the sort of thing that works. It hits prejudice where it lives–in ignorance.

There’s plenty more still to be done to defeat the anti-marriage amendment in Minnesota this November, of course, but getting ads like this out there can only help. Pass it on.


  1. F says

    I can’t handle couples edited to be insufferably cute for a whole two minutes. (Well, it doesn’t have to be couples. Whatever constellation works for your relationship.) I expect it will work for plenty of other people, though. Seems to be a popular thing, on average.

    I’d just like for the people acting in a bigoted manner against marriage equality to get the damn message, one way or another.


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