Mar 01 2012

Pretty Shiny

So there’s this cover for this upcoming book.

The book is a fundraiser for the Minnesota Atheists, which is cool and important and all…but I’m just going to sit here and look at for a while.


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  1. 1
    Jason Thibeault

    Looks like an Illustrator (or other vector art program) emulating a watercolor. Interesting design.

  2. 2

    I hate to ask, but will there be an e-book version? I’m really reluctant to collect paper these days (penance for a grad education spent at the copy machine…)

  3. 3
    Mike Haubrich

    An e-book? That is something not in the works, currently. I will pass along the suggestion to the publisher and see what can happen with that.

    As an alumnus of Quiche Moraine I note how well represented is that blog.

  4. 4
    Bill Lehto

    Yes, the book will be availalbe as an Ebook for both Kindle and Nook, also in Sep. It is in the plans.

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