Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 31 2012

Saturday Storytime: A Member of the Wedding of Heaven and Hell

A marriage of good and evil seems as though it must be part of someone’s grand scheme, but none of the guests seem to know quite whose.

Mar 30 2012

Complicated Heroes

We will leave complicated legacies, no matter what, if we have any legacy at all.

Mar 30 2012

Atheists Talk: Maggie Koerth-Baker on “When the Lights Go Out”

“The Solution” to the energy problem is lots of solutions. This Sunday, we’ll talk about what they are.

Mar 29 2012

When Being Good Isn’t Good Enough

The impossible burden, and how to lay it where it belongs.

Mar 29 2012

Aim Like a Drunkard

I’ve seen stage combat up close, and I know how much work goes into making it work. This…is not that.

Mar 28 2012

The Post-Reason Rally Doldrums

Still feeling sorry you didn’t get to go? Feeling let down and hungover since you’re no longer there? A few things you can do.

Mar 28 2012

Colorblindness Is Just Blindness


Or, how to make dead children.

Mar 27 2012

Oh, Canada

Canadian politicians have the chance to make the world more fair for lots of people. Time to nudge them along.

Mar 27 2012

Dansons La Capucine

I can post some fairly grim things around here. As a brief respite this morning, I offer you this.

Mar 26 2012

I Was So Sad She Died Until I Found Out…


I’m not even close to coherent on this, but there are two things I need to say to these people.

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