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Feb 24 2012

No Privacy for Women

Representative Harry Readshaw, co-sponsor of Pennsylvania’s forced-penetration-before-abortion bill, writes an astounding letter to a constituent.

Feb 24 2012

Atheists Talk: Darrel Ray on “Sex and God”

Darrel Ray joins us this Sunday to talk about how religions controls followers through sexuality and why we’re better off when we leave.

Feb 23 2012

The Pink Ghetto

On subjectivity, critical analysis, and feeding the pink ghetto.

Feb 22 2012

Heard but Not Seen

Well, really. Who thinks women should get a say in contraceptive coverage anyway? Isn’t that a religious matter?

Feb 22 2012

In Which I Rail About Doctor Who Fandom and the Pink Ghetto

I love feminist science fiction and fantasy fandom. I am part of feminist science fiction and fantasy fandom. And then I come across something like this.

Feb 21 2012

When Sex Isn’t Enough

“I think that the whole point of being sex-positive is to seek out fluffy bunnies in sex and gender, wring their little necks, skin them, and sink our teeth into the meat with relish.”

Feb 21 2012

#MenCallMeThings, Dragon’s Age Edition


“Stop letting your feminazi goggles get in the way of reason.”

Feb 20 2012

Separate Still Not Equal

AMU Women's College

It isn’t about subjugation. It’s about modesty.

Feb 20 2012

The Medical Facts Behind Pre-Abortion Ultrasound

Who knew that the Virginia legislature was packed full of doctors, specifically OB-GYNs? Oh, wait. They’re not.

Feb 19 2012

The Great Hurt

It wasn’t that no one was willing to share the story.

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