Monthly Archive: February 2012

Feb 29 2012

Because We Cannot Know

Why the “joke defense” not just pointless, but also insulting to the person who has been threatened.

Feb 29 2012

Pro-Life…as Long as It Doesn’t Need to Be Fed

Breasts are God’s gift to the wee little babies we insist be born, but ugh, keep them out of church.

Feb 28 2012

“Don’t Feed the Trolls” Is Bad Science

"Tantrum Over a Movie Selection" by Bethany L King

“Don’t feed the trolls. Attention is what they want. Ignore them and they’ll go away.” Orly?

Feb 28 2012

Oh, Thank Goodness They’ve Come

We desperately needed to hear from more of these women’s health experts, you know.

Feb 27 2012

The Blunt Amendment: Making Health Care Worse for All

No reasonable bill would still allow the church to control women’s lives and bodies. So we get a monstrosity that has far-reaching implications instead.

Feb 27 2012

And It Was All for This

One-handed cartwheel splits.

Eleven and a half hours of nearly nonstop labor, and it was all for this.

Feb 26 2012

It Can Be So Much Better

I posted a couple of really terrible dubstep videos on Friday. Consider this to be an apology.

Feb 25 2012

The Secularization of U.S. Latinos

On secularism in Latino/Hispanic populations and a request for resources.

Feb 25 2012

Saturday Storytime: ILU-486

“This won’t take long,” someone hissed in her ear. “We love you. Every part of you belongs to you.”

Feb 24 2012

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

This is what happens when people go to great lengths to prove their pet preferences are the coolest. Just you wait.

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