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Jan 26 2012

More Politics at Science Online

More discussion of science and politics in the wake of Science Online 2012.

Jan 25 2012

Now Everyone Can Eat Babies!

Now! More baby flavor than ever!

Jan 25 2012

Harper’s Code of Silence

Gagged Urania

Science is only useful if it’s communicated. The Canadian government is working to put a stop to that.

Jan 24 2012

The Benefits of Monogamy…or Something

Wedding Rings

A new paper tells us that monogamy has clearly won the cultural battle of ideas–or does it?

Jan 24 2012

Jiggering the Economics of Crime

The prison population is up and crime is down, but is there a clear causal relationship? Or has something else been happening?

Jan 23 2012

Another Sea-Monkey Theorist

So, who wants to tell me I’m ruining skepticism?

Jan 22 2012

Someone Is Vague on the Internet

As Phil Plait learned, that always works so well.

Jan 22 2012

You Got Your Politics in My Science

Video and notes on our session from Science Online 2012.

Jan 21 2012

Stage Kiss

Kissing someone onstage is perhaps the least romantic thing you can do. Well, it was for me. It wasn’t my fault, though. I swear.

Jan 21 2012

Saturday Storytime: In the Cold

Kelly Jennings lives and writes in the mountains, which I think shows through in this story. She published her first book, Broken Slate, last year. I consider, as I climb up pasture, why, given how Sergi would love to use my insomnia, I don’t go to the nursery and offer. Earn a bit of good …

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