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Jan 31 2012

Around Freethought Blogs

Misplaced Komen Ad

Things not to miss on the network today.

Jan 31 2012

A Federal John DNA Database

Whatever your position on legalizing prostitution, don’t miss this article.

Jan 30 2012

This Is Aperture

Not quite the geeky reference I thought it was going to be. Much better in fact.

Jan 30 2012

Press Coverage on the MN Atheists Billboards

Atheist Baby in Saint Paul

A nice, warm reception for billboards that are “attacking religion.”

Jan 29 2012

In Our Degenerate Times

This is what I get for reading the local mainstream paper on a Sunday.

Jan 29 2012

Let Them Eat Grass

This year is the 150th anniversary of the U.S.-Dakota War. Haven’t heard of it? Chances are very good you’re not alone.

Jan 28 2012

On This Snowy Saturday Afternoon


Outside is icky right now. Here are some better ideas.

Jan 28 2012

Saturday Storytime: All the Painted Stars

“The point is,” Liu says, “you hardly ever get the ideal situation you’re hoping for. But if you’re lucky, you find something that will suffice.”

Jan 27 2012

Troll Alert: Do Not Engage

Squashing the trolls is one thing; messing around with psychosis is entirely different. Please don’t.

Jan 26 2012

Plots, Posses, and Feminist Terrorist Fist Bumps

Birthday Cupcakes

Putting the trolls and the sexists on warning–but not too much warning.

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