Christmas Is for Kittehs

But maybe not for cats and trees at the same time.

As funny as that is, it’s much funnier in flesh.

Luckily, it’s easy to stop. You just…uh…give the cats something else to destroy.


  1. Matt Penfold says

    I put up my tree earlier this well. Before I had managed to put any decorations on the tree both my cats had climbed to the top. I have had put a hook in the wall so I can secure the tree with string, as one of them had it over.

  2. Jodi says

    I have never had a cat who has bothered with trees, so I count myself lucky. The dog and her giant tail was always much more of a concern.

  3. Mary says

    My sisters’ big dumb dog actually ATE all the decorations on the lower half of the tree a couple years ago. And he never even got indigestion.

  4. carolw says

    I tried to have a tree and cats one time. There was lots of destruction.
    One of my friends had a roommate, and each of them had a cat. Usually the cats didn’t get along, but at Christmas they teamed up. One climbed the tree and knocked the glass ornaments down, and the other one batted them into the brick fireplace hearth. She said she wanted to be mad, but was really impressed with how they cooperated on wrecking the tree.

  5. F says

    Forest cat has no defense against teh shiny.

    Apparently, teh shiny has no defense against forest cat, either.

  6. says

    We had a Maine Coon growing up that loved the low-hanging ornaments (he was too heavy to attempt a climb). He also loved chewing on the lights, so we had to police the tree.