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Nov 26 2011

Saturday Storytime: FimbulDinner: The Last Supper

My friend Kelly McCullough has a new series launching this Tuesday with the book Broken Blade. (You can read the first chapter here, and if you’re in the Twin Cities, you can see the book launch events here.) Having just read the third book in this series, I can confidently say that I love how …

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Nov 25 2011

Have a More Colorful Friday

Howling Pig Ginger Lilly

Shopping outside the box.

Nov 25 2011

Atheists Talk: Stephen Law on “Believing Bullshit”

Listen on Sunday as we discuss the book with Professor Law and try to avoid being bleeped by the engineer.

Nov 24 2011

Thanksgiving Recipe: Turkey Stock

Some people are done with their Thanksgiving cooking when the bird makes it to the table. Not here.

Nov 24 2011

Let’s Thank the Right People

To whom are you thankful–and have you told them yet?

Nov 23 2011

Thanksgiving Recipe: Apple and Caramel

It’s apple season. Take advantage of it.

Nov 23 2011

Remembering Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey was no small part of my life or my writing. She will be missed.

Nov 22 2011

Thanksgiving Recipe: Pie and Ginger

Pumpkin pie? Pumpkin cheesecake? Why choose?

Nov 22 2011

Preacher at the Funeral

I despise, with all I am, the time at a funeral that is spent on advertising Jesus instead of on the dead and the survivors.

Nov 21 2011

Thanksgiving Recipe: Grandma Lylah’s Cranberry Relish

Or, how to make all the kids eat their cranberries while still entertaining adult palates. Seriously.

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