Nov 26 2011

The World’s Least Safe for Work Song?

And I thought this one was tough. Under the fold in case of errant autoplay.

If you like that, there is also “Saving My Hymen for Jesus.”


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  1. 1
    Tom Foss

    I don’t know, it’s hard to beat The Pope Song. But that was pretty fun.

  2. 2
    Chris Hallquist

    Yeah, this has got nothing on the Pope song.

  3. 3
    Stephanie Zvan

    Took a poll here on “The Pope Song.” Got three, “But you have to be paying attention to understand what it’s saying,” and one, “I’m going to play that at work on Monday.”

  4. 4

    That was great, thanks!

    Garfunkel and Oates “Why isn’t there more fucking on this Island?” is pretty high on the list too.

  5. 5

    “You Suck” by Strapping Young Lad is also pretty NSFW. Sample lyric: “Fuck you, you fucking fuck!”
    “Disciple” by Slayer doesn’t have quite all the swearing, but screaming “God hates us all” repeatedly offends some sensitive people for some reason, which is why I put it as the ringtone so it plays whenever my evangelical Christian coworker calls me. I figure if he’s calling me, he’s nowhere nearby, so it’s not like he’ll ever hear it.
    For pure volume of F-bombs, it’s hard to beat the pope song, but for a greater variety of offensive lyrics, “K@#%!” by Korn is probably the leader in my collection.

  6. 6
    A Bear

    jonlajoie; “Show me your genitals”

    Best rap ever!

  7. 7

    I’d go for Mr. Bungle’s Squeeze Me Macaroni. The lyrics consist exclusively of sexual innuendos with food and it’s bloody hilarious.

  8. 8

    And my favorite seasonal NSFW selection
    “Fuck Christmas” by Eric Idle.

  9. 9
    Dave Regis

    I see you and raise you

    Evidently Chickentown
    John Cooper Clarke


    Looks just the same as he did in the 1980s, wish I could say the same.

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