Monthly Archive: November 2011

Nov 30 2011

Another Way to Blame Women for Getting Paid Less

If you really want to answer, “How can I help?” try fixing the problem instead of the people hurt by it.

Nov 30 2011

I Wish David Tennant Would Tell Me a Bedtime Story

Well, this maybe wasn’t quite what I meant, but it’ll do.

Nov 29 2011

Readings in IQ and Intelligence

Want to understand the debate over IQ instead of just having an opinion on it? You’ve got some reading to do.

Nov 29 2011

Today in Church In-Fighting

Without the wonderful moral authority of the church, we might spend all our time squabbling over what is right and good.

Nov 28 2011

About That Evo Psych Polygamy Stuff

Evolutionary psychology informs us that polygamy = polygyny = bad stuff. Or does it?

Nov 28 2011

Minneapolis FtB Meetup

Friday. Bar Abilene. Bloggers. Spouses. Good food. Good drink.

Nov 27 2011

Canadian Judge Mucks Up Polygamy Ruling

A much-awaited ruling on the legality of polygamy in Canada is something of a mess and is unlikely to stop the FLDS.

Nov 27 2011

Oh, Fer Cute

Who’s a big, fluffy kitty? Pallas’s cat is a big, fluffy kitty.

Nov 26 2011

The World’s Least Safe for Work Song?

And I thought this one was tough. Under the fold in case of errant autoplay.

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Nov 26 2011

The Next Thing I Know, I’m Going Down

The good news is that I understand, even then, that this is temporary. I don’t believe it, but I understand it.

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