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Sep 26 2011

When We Half Understand Poverty

If our reporters and policy-makers can’t get the details of poverty right, how can any of them possibly create good policy for dealing with the problems of poverty?

Sep 26 2011

A Perfect Birthday Gift

It’s been a long, busy weekend visiting friends. I held a 4,000-year-old cuneiform tablet in my hand and touched 600-year-old vellum. I also got one of the best birthday presents of my life. Congratulations on lapping the sun once more. Though I’m sure you didn’t put any direct effort into it, you’ve managed to make …

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Sep 25 2011


I never said I was nice.

Sep 24 2011

You Want to Sell Me What?

How to make door-to-door proselytizing even more offensive.

Sep 24 2011

Saturday Storytime: Godmother Death

Sometimes the joy of story is in the telling. Even a well-known story with the characters and endings unchanged can take on new life in the hands of a poet like Jane Yolen. She was visible that day. Sometimes she plays at being mortal. It amuses her. She wore her long gown kirtled above her …

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Sep 23 2011

An Audience Divided

Knowing your audience…and you avocados.

Sep 23 2011

The Boundless Creativity of Comics


Or, When Your Reboot Is a Rehash of Tired Tropes

Sep 22 2011

MRA Says, “Yep, We’re Domestic Abusers”

If we really leave, he’s telling us, we will die. And we will have made it happen. They can’t help it, you know. We’re so good at making them crazy.

Sep 22 2011

Magic Courtesy of Dave McKean

Maybe the best reason for an adult to pick up Dawkins’ The Magic of Reality.

Sep 21 2011

Michele Bachmann Eyes

And she’ll hate you. She’ll berate you…

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