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Aug 31 2011

Nice Place We’ve Got Here

Moving In

Welcome to the new home of Almost Diamonds. If you’re reading the blog for the first time, the old home is here. I also blogged for a time at Quiche Moraine and guest posted at Greg Laden’s Blog, Sex in the Public Square, the Scientific American guest blog, and the Journal of Are You Fucking …

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Aug 31 2011

Businessmen’s Heads

It’s one of those ridiculously busy times at work right now, so you’ll get nothing of substance from me today. This, however, is making me feel a little bit better. And be sure to tune back in tomorrow.

Aug 30 2011

The Love of Problematic Literature

Periodically, someone pops up to tell us we shouldn’t like literature in which Bad Things happen. The most recent iteration of this is a critique of the sexism and misogyny of the world and characters in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series. I’m not entirely unsympathetic to the critique. A writer friend …

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Aug 29 2011

Male Rape Victims: Let’s Talk About the Men

A few months ago, this video was posted. Very shortly thereafter, a blogger posted an objection to one line of the video: I love the organization and I support them in doing great things. However, there is one thing that rubs me the wrong way. Watching this video, I get the message that men don’t …

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Aug 27 2011

Saturday Storytime: The Shadow and the Flash

There was a time when people who wrote simply wrote science fiction and fantasy along with everything else they made up. Whether that stopped due to our changing relationship with science and rationalism or due to the codification of genres, I think we’re the poorer for its lack. Recently, Dr. SkySkull traced how early writers …

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Aug 26 2011

Insomniac Games Does Social Media Right

I’ve been a fan of Insomniac Games from close to the start. When my brother asked whether we’d played a new game and I said, “Ratchet and Clank? What’s that?” I had no idea it was the new game by the people who made Spyro the Dragon, the first game I played on a modern …

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Aug 25 2011

Why Should I Pay for Your Health Insurance?

A friend of mine from high school asked on Facebook a few days ago, “Why should I pay for your health insurance?” Because we have a certain amount of history together, I’m going to answer that question seriously instead of hiding or unfriending this person, which would be my normal inclination with anyone who has …

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Aug 24 2011

Beer Science!

Just in time for me to go pick hops this weekend, a couple of related posts on the history of drinking and brewing beer. Does Your Beer Glass Matter? Typically, my beer comes in a pint glass, which seems the standard treatment for this libation: it leaves enough space for a nice head, and allows …

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Aug 23 2011

We Can Have Better

I am…not kind to the people who say that all politicians are alike. I don’t tolerate those who try to tell me there aren’t any good ones. I know better. I’m represented by several at the city, state, and national level. Not everyone who represents me is effective and passionate about making the world better …

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Aug 22 2011

Title IX, Civil Rights, Sexual Violence, and Clueless Whining

This weekend, Peter Berkowitz published a piece in the opinion section of The Wall Street Journal that probably ought to raise serious questions about his abilities as a scholar. The Stanford fellow was all up in arms over guidance to federally funded schools and programs on dealing with sexual violence as a civil rights issue …

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