Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 14 2011

Dreaming for Women

On Saturday, my niece graduated from high school. Her school is very young, and it’s meant to be small. Her graduating class was 13 people. Twelve of those people were women. They heard a commencement address on the subject of dreams. The speaker quoted Benjamin Franklin and Ralph Waldo Emerson, spoke of the failures Abraham …

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Jun 13 2011

The Good Bad Girl

I’ve been watching the DC comics reboot commentary without much personal stake. It bothers me that the universe is losing Oracle in a redesign touted as promoting diversity, but at a slight remove. I’m not part of the audience for these comics. Watching a bunch of white guys of a certain age decide that they …

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Jun 11 2011

Saturday Storytime: Six Months, Three Days

I’ve known Charlie Jane Anders tangentially for years through WisCon. I cheered when she co-edited She’s Such a Geek. I’ve enjoyed her nonfiction writing on io9, particularly the occasional movie review. Somehow, I’ve missed her fiction until this week. I’ve got to fix that. This story is, amid whatever else Charlie Jane intended it to …

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Jun 09 2011

The Judgment of Rep. Weiner

My former roommate, who was also my maid of honor and has consumed more of my turkey soup than anyone but my husband, left a comment on my prior post on the reaction to Weiner’s “sex scandal” that I think is worth addressing at length (in no small part because she asks me to, and …

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Jun 08 2011

Fright N–Ooh, Yum

So, there’s a new trailer out for the remake of Fright Night. It is being passed around because it stars David Tennant’s bare chest. The passing around prompted Dana to ask, “Does retweeting that David Tennant thing make us sexist pigs?” Because I live to answer these questions and make these distinctions between sex and …

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Jun 07 2011

Prudes and Prisons

After a night without internet, I finally got to catch up on the Weiner “scandal” this morning. All the reaction I had time before work was summed up in three Tweets: Yeah, I’m a bit ticked at Weiner. Mostly for labeling his premarital sexting as “inappropriate.” As for his postmarital sexting? Only his wife can …

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Jun 05 2011

Living in the Dark

It’s no secret that my childhood was no sunny idyll. If you’ve managed to miss it, you can catch up some here and here and here. It’s not much fun, though. I’ve spent much of the last week swapping stories that aren’t going to make it onto the blog with a friend. It isn’t something …

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Jun 04 2011

Saturday Storytime: The Grammarian’s Five Daughters

And a week after the Tiptree Awards, perhaps my favorite short story by any of the Tiptree winners. Eleanor Arnason has a lovely habit of breaking tradition in the most matter-of-fact way possible. I recommend this story at the slightest opportunity. An excerpt: Finally, the bag was empty except for nasty words. As slimy reached …

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Jun 02 2011

What We Accept

Gallup has released the results of their 2011 Values and Beliefs Poll. While they’re framing the results in terms of U.S. self-image and controversial topics, I want to take a minute to do a straight ranking. What do we, as a nation find most and least morally acceptable? Divorce (69% find morally acceptable)The death penalty …

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