Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 30 2011

For the Squee

Oh, I love this idea. I’ve commented recently on the tendency in F&SF fandom to focus on the things we don’t like as though our preferences reflected some inherent flaw in the material. It’s amazing how much effort and energy we sometimes put into building up a big head of hate. In fact, that was …

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Jun 29 2011

Where to Find Me This Weekend

It’s going to be a long, busy weekend, thanks to the Skepchicks and CONvergence. In addition to getting to see all sorts of wonderful people who are too far away most of the year, I have a few specific commitments this weekend. Tomorrow, I will be at the grassroots activism workshop run by Maria Walters …

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Jun 28 2011

Empathic Trauma

There is a post being passed around on Twitter titled. “I’m Gonna Need You to Fight Me On This: How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD.” If you have rape trauma, I can’t say I’d recommend reading it, although it’s fascinating and the journalist author was not raped. Mac McClelland’s PTSD was triggered by the …

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Jun 24 2011


It’s Greg Laden‘s birthday. As has become tradition, Greg, you’re getting a story for your birthday. I hope you like it. Confidence Claude pasted a smile on his face before driving into the village square and kept it there while he unhitched and watered the horses. It was still there as he opened the back …

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Jun 21 2011

I Do This Why?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: No one reads this blog. Well, that’s not quite true. The people who read this blog aren’t anything like “no one.” There just aren’t very many of them. To put this in perspective, last Thursday night I wrote a blog post regarding a ridiculous letter published in …

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Jun 20 2011

By Thy Authority

Oh, look. Another preacher person is in trouble for using the authority of his position to get him some. The woman told police that her spiritual adviser recommended she find a regular confessor in the Catholic Church so she chose Wenthe, whom she had met while attending a Catholic initiation class. She said Wenthe heard …

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Jun 18 2011

Saturday Storytime: Obedience

Breanna Yovanoff writes grim and creepy young adult fantasy with elements of uncertain hope. In “Obedience” she has written a notably grim and creepy zombie story with elements of uncertain hope. There are much worse patterns to find in someone’s writing. Grace crouched lower, sinking into her nanovest, bracing her shoulder against the radiator. She …

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Jun 17 2011

With Friends Like These

Times Higher Education has just posted a rather amusing defense of evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. If you managed to miss the poorly analyzed Psychology Today blog post he wrote that put him in a defensive position, I recommend you catch up here before reading the letter. All set now? Good. We believe the recent criticisms …

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Jun 16 2011

The Coupling Rant

I love my fandom, and my fandom drives me insane. By “my fandom,” I mean the people who interact with science fiction and fantasy in a critical capacity with an eye to getting things right. They want the science to not be silly (or at least not any sillier than it has to be for …

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Jun 15 2011

Something Hard and Something Easy

If you haven’t already seen half a dozen links from your friends to Gerty-Z’s “I gay wrote this post,” first, ask your friends why they’re letting you down. Then read it. What I wanted to write about today is what it is like to be out as a new TT academic in the bio-sciences. EcoPhysioMichelle …

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