Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 05 2011

Anatomy of a Rape Debacle: Failure from Start to Finish

By now, you’ve probably heard this story: A teenage girl who was dropped from her high school’s cheerleading squad after refusing to chant the name of a basketball player who had sexually assaulted her must pay compensation of $45,000 (£27,300) after losing a legal challenge against the decision. The United States Supreme Court on Monday …

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May 03 2011

It’s Okay to Not Like Things

Via Arvind, posted for my friend Michael. He knows why.

May 02 2011

Big News Is Too Big

The first time I stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon, my response was, “Yep. That’s big.” Then I promptly slipped on some ice and wrenched my knee. I spent the rest of that brief visit sitting down, slowly doling out peanuts to the ravens. I remember the ravens in a fair amount of …

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May 01 2011

Punching “New Atheists”

Last week, David Roberts wrote on Grist about why he had avoided commenting on the climate change report from Matt Nisbet. Those who have followed the accommodationism arguments will recognize that name. I think they’ll also recognize the social manipulation Roberts sees in this report and others like it. Predictably, the attacks aimed at green …

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