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May 19 2011

Rich Man’s Frug

I love this set as a commentary on the entertainments of the upper classes. Ah, Fosse. As I originally saw it on stage: In its original movie setting, with additional editorial and a smaller set:

May 18 2011

The Hands of Guan Yin

I know what is going on in this video. The mechanism is simple. But there’s nothing simple about the way it ends up looking.

May 17 2011

Coin-Operated Boys

There’s a lot of this sort of dance around, and lots of people who do it well. This video is more of a rarity because the dancers in it are working together to create the experience, not just displaying their individual virtuosity.

May 16 2011


It’s going to be a busy week, with a beta of Kelly McCullough’s second Aral Kingslayer book to read and think about and all the usual work stuff to get done. So, instead of me spending time writing anything, y’all will get to see the hangovers of my impossible desire to grow up to be …

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May 15 2011

The Accommodationism Debate Explained

Desiree Schell, of Skeptically Speaking and other general awesomeness, will be on Atheists Talk in a few weeks to talk about strategies for effecting change. Since the announcement about her appearance happened in the middle of yet another discussion about accommodationism, Desiree (being the smart and highly prepared woman she is) asked for a clear …

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May 14 2011

Saturday Storytime: The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

Theodora Goss specializes in short work. Given that, it’s not terribly surprising that the two stories she published last year are both being collected in a Year’s Best, or that the following story a finalist for a 2011 Locus Award. An excerpt: Mary created a trust that holds the deed to the house. We are …

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May 13 2011

The Value of Defiance

I’m in the middle of a migraine, and Blogger has royally pissed me off over the last couple of days. Today, I’ll just point to a couple of other posts that provide context to each other. Jerry Coyne comments on the idea that a new study showing religion is globally pervasive suggests that uprooting its …

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May 11 2011

The Accommodationism Challenges

Mike McRae, Tribal Scientist, indulged me in a discussion of his goals surrounding his latest salvo in the accommodation debate. There are frequent olive branches thrown down in request of a ceasefire. Perhaps the most common is the plea for diversity. This call seems democratic, inclusive and reasonable. After all, if there are many different …

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May 08 2011

Standing on Aether, Thinking Airy Thoughts

Or, Theology as Pseudophilosophy There’s been a rash of criticism lately of New Atheists (or Gnu Atheists, popular atheists, internet atheists, outspoken atheists, non-invisible atheists–whatever term makes the writer comfortable that he’s not being prejudicial while generalizing for paragraphs on end) that we’re being anti-intellectual and displaying our lack of education by not grappling seriously …

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May 07 2011

Saturday Storytime: The Things

You probably know Peter Watts, through his run in with U.S. Customs and Immigration, if nothing else. You probably know this story, through the movie starring Kurt Russell. You probably don’t know Peter Watts’ version of this story. An excerpt: I am being Blair. I escape out the back as the world comes in through …

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