Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 30 2011

Fallen Warriors

I’m just back from WisCon, held right next to Wisconsin’s capitol. We drove home through countryside dotted with military memorials made up of helicopters, tanks, and airplanes. Given that context, and the change happening in many parts of the world, it strikes me that there’s never been a better time to reprint my Memorial Day …

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May 28 2011

Saturday Storytime: Drag Queen Astronaut

It is the weekend for a new Tiptree Award to be given “for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender.” One of the best parts of the award is the Honor List that goes with it, an opportunity to be introduced to new writers who see near and far with …

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May 27 2011

If You Don’t Stand Up for Us Today

“At the government teat.” Not only do anti-government legislators consider compassion to be a despicable virtue and caretaking a despicable act, but in the fight over health care in Texas, someone has produced flyers depicting them as that particularly female despicable act of breastfeeding. Rep. Senfronia Thompson, fed up with all the attacks on women …

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May 26 2011

Help Keep Atheists Talk Going

Mike explains at his blog. Normally, I wouldn’t just lift a whole post, but I think it’s justified in this case. Atheists Talk is a volunteer effort by a larger group of people than those you hear on the air. I appreciate all of the people who contribute your time to help me make it …

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May 25 2011

The Politics of the Null Hypothesis

In which I talk about the lack of evidence for a genetic explanation for variation in human intelligence. In public. Nothing about the field of IQ studies is free of political influence. It’s naive to believe that any kind of research on a purported measure of individual merit could be politics-free in a self-proclaimed meritocracy …

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May 24 2011

Sexism Always Wins, but It Still Loses

Jen McCreight won’t be talking about Boobquake at conferences anymore. I’ve already said no to groups who wanted me to talk about it, and suggested another topic. I think we can learn interesting things from what happened, but I’m just sick of how people see it as a green light for sexual harassment. I can …

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May 23 2011

The Role of Confrontation in the Gay Rights Struggle

The quest for equal rights for LGBTQ Americans is often cited as an example of constructive confrontation in action. In a recent discussion around accommodationism in the fight to keep creation out of public schools, I was asked to provide some documentation on the topic. I put together a list of almost entirely web-based resources …

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May 22 2011

Not in My Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. A constitution or …

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May 21 2011

Saturday Storytime: Rapture

On the most recent date on which virtuous humans are supposed to be lifted from their Earthly cares, I can’t think of any better story to share than this one by Sally Gwylan, in which the battle between religion and humanism is aided by an unusual agent. An exceprt: The auditorium blazed with the new …

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May 20 2011

Anna Fur Laxis

This one is burlesque, boys and girls. Don’t play it if you don’t want to see skin. It’s always impressive to see just how many ways there are to do something as simple as take your clothes off. And how much of that time can be spent doing nothing of the sort.

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