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Apr 04 2011

Ssssilly Gender Defaults

First, it escaped. The director of the zoo expressed confidence that the snake was still in the reptile house and said the snake would probably avoid open areas. “To understand the situation, you have to understand snakes,” Jim Breheny, the director, said in a written statement. “Upon leaving its enclosure, the snake would feel vulnerable …

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Apr 03 2011

Huckabee Exposes Right-Wing Projection

A couple of weeks ago, Thers at Whiskey Fire put up a post examining the bizarre ideas revealed by James O’Keefe’s “sting” videos that’s worth thinking about. But there is another level here that’s worth peeling back. The most bizarre aspect of this wingnut “sting” is its intended “gotcha.” What the wingnuts thought they would …

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Apr 02 2011

Saturday Storytime: Irish Blood

Tate Hallaway is the author of the Garnet Lacey series of paranormal romances and the young adult fantasy Vampire Princess of St. Paul series. She’s also Lyda Morehouse, who has just published the long-awaited follow-up to her fantastic science fiction AngeLINK series, Resurrection Code. “Indigo Bunting” belongs to none of those series. It just amuses …

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