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Apr 30 2011

Saturday Storytime: When It Changed

Joanna Russ died yesterday. You might not know who she is, but you should. Annalee has a post at io9 that explains why she was important (and she was), but she was also simply one of the most imaginative of the early science fiction writers. Beyond that, unlike many of the classic writers, she could …

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Apr 29 2011

True Equivalence

J. J. Ramsey, in a comment on a recent post, suggests that accommodationists aren’t being extra harsh and burdensome to confrontational atheists because the accommodationists treat fundamentalists poorly too. Specifically, he responds to a comment by Jason: I suspect what Stephanie actually meant was that accomodationists don’t take the same pains in treating “New Atheists” …

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Apr 28 2011

Taking It Downhill

As biodork (love that handle) pointed out in the comments on my last post, the complaints about “New Atheists” being too…too are hardly any newer than the behavior of confrontational atheists. In 1969 it was the flamboyant cross-dressers and the in-your-face gays and lesbians who changed the GBLT civil rights movement forever. 40 years later …

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Apr 26 2011

Argumentative, Aggressive, and Generally Dickish

What to remember when you’ve said that confrontational atheists have made it harder for you to make progress on your shared goals, and some atheist has gotten (eek, gasp, shock, horror, blah, blah, blah) rude with you. This is particularly true for the endless argument over promoting science. It’s worth remembering where this debate came …

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Apr 25 2011

My God Can Beat Up Your God

Are you done, done, done with Easter? Were you unable to keep it a holiday of chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and zombie songs? Then perhaps it is time to spend this Friday or Saturday night with Vilification Tennis, for a couple of hours of religiously themed insults. That’s right, it is time for Vilification Tennis to …

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Apr 24 2011

Readings for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in the U.S. It’s been a while since that hasn’t been the case on this blog, but now is a good time to pull some of my posts together in one place. Of course, if you’d like to do more than read this month, there are opportunities. …

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Apr 23 2011

Saturday Storytime: Masks

I’ve referred to my friend Naomi Kritzer on this blog before, but generally to point to her political research. What I might not have done is mention that she writes kick-ass short stories. This is very silly of me, since she does just that. On the occasion of her releasing her first collection of shorts …

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Apr 22 2011

The Support of New Atheism

Chris Mooney has a new post up about a study showing positive anti-prejudicial effects of the message that atheists exist, in number, in society. He sees this as a plus for New Atheists, but still adds cautions: The tactic finding support here is not necessarily being confrontational–that would tend to prompt negative emotional reactions, and …

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Apr 20 2011

Alcohol and Rape: Twice the Standards

From Melissa McEwen comes a story of an unusual rape conviction appeal: In what might be the most perfect, clear, hideous example of how rape culture interacts with actual acts of rape, an appellant brief (pdf) was filed last March in the Montana Supreme Court on behalf of Duane R. Belanus, who had been convicted …

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Apr 19 2011

Juniper Rants

Juniper Shoemaker is a very busy woman. She’s working on her biomedical PhD while filling in the gaps that an B.A. in English will leave in one’s science education. Plus she’s got her own set of personal challenges she’s meeting at the same time. I admire that woman beyond words. And oh, the words. She …

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