Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 11 2011

Campus Crusade II

To go with yesterday’s Campus Crusade for Cthulhu poster, here’s an election special from around the same time. There’s even a possibility, as mind-rendingly terrifying as that might be, that this one informed some of my political thinking. As I said before, if you know who made these, please let me know. I didn’t. I’ve …

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Feb 10 2011

Campus Crusade I

Things are a bit busy around here, as they always are this time of year. Until I have a chance to finish one of the half dozen or so posts I really, really, really want to be writing but can’t concentrate on, here’s a fun poster I came across when I was sorting through juvenilia …

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Feb 08 2011

The Physics Male: A High School Ethnography

This is my first piece of writing that first garnered a real response. The first draft of this, written when I was a junior in high school, was passed around, ripped apart, crumpled up, thrown in the trash, retrieved, flattened out, and taped to the chalkboard. I’m posting it here because a number of high …

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Feb 01 2011

Innovation or Implementation

Chrystia Freeland recently published an article on the changing face of the super-rich that should be required reading for anyone interested in politics. It’s a sympathetic but not entirely uncritical portrait. I particularly like that it reflects its subjects’ global view of a changing world economy rather than being entirely U.S.-focused. From a global perspective, …

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