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Jan 28 2011

Lady Gamers, Endlessly Editable

If you’ve ever gamed ever, at all, you’ve borne witness to the Eternal Argument. Do women fail to game because their ladybrains make them disinclined to, or is the community so unreceptive that women run screaming in the opposite direction? I come down firmly on the latter side. Let me superficially scratch the surface of …

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Jan 27 2011

Writers Don’t Spring from Zeus’s Forehead Either

I’ve never done a proper fisking on this blog before, but someone seems to have been wearing his curmudgeon pants while reading yesterday’s blog post. I use “curmudgeon” advisedly, in the sense that Jay Rosen does, given the nature of some of the sneers involved. Normally, I’d ignore something like this, but it’s a misunderstanding …

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Jan 26 2011

Hidden Women, Hidden Writers

The biggest problem with ScienceOnline (and one of very, very few) is that there are too many interesting sessions happening at the same time. One of the ones I regret missing was “Perils of blogging as a woman under a real name”. Luckily for me, Kate Clancy discussed the session and the discussion before and …

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Jan 20 2011

Staring Down the Barrel

I woke up to death threats this morning. I got up to check on the overnight oatmeal, noticed my phone was blinking, and picked it up to see “CLOBBERING TIME.” Twice. Oh, yay. Dennis Markuze has figured out that I’m an atheist and added me to his target list. Death threats are about to become …

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Jan 18 2011

Geeks, Nerds, and Mundanes

This letter was prompted by a high schooler attending our session at ScienceOnline2011. I think, however, that it’s worth saying to an awful lot more kids. Dear Stacy Baker’s students: First of all, thank you for so many of you attending the It’s All Geek to Me session. You added a multi-generational perspective that’s hard …

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Jan 16 2011

Among Thieves Author Interview

There’s something rather odd about seeing one of your friends referred to as “one of the most anticipated debut authors of 2011,” even when you think he deserves it. There’s definitely something funny about seeing his name in quotes as though it were a pen name. No, Douglas Hulick is his real name, and his …

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Jan 15 2011

Son O Son

As long as I’m posting nice morbid folk music, I should note that Neil Gaiman is not the first to decide that folk music is all about love and death, preferably at the same time. It’s highly traditional. Son O Son It’s up in the kitchen and down in the hall…

Jan 14 2011

At Bagram’s Joint Theater Hospital

Just before New Year’s, NPR ran a short piece on All Things Considered about the advances in the treatment of trauma that have come out of nine years of constant warfare. It was both heartening and heartbreaking. Old Techniques Discovered Anew Aggressive use of tourniquets, which have been used on the battlefield for hundreds of …

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Jan 13 2011

A Girl Needs a Knife

Will Shetterly posted this video while I was in the middle of blogging about rape myths. It was remarkably cheering. This song is definitely on my list of favorite Flash Girls tunes (not a short list). It’s not the best recording, but it’s clear enough, and worth listening to if only to find out who …

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Jan 12 2011

Required Reading

Wouldn’t it be nice if national tragedies inspired everyone to band together to take an unflinching look at the causes and to determine what each of us can contribute to keep them from happening again? Yes, DrugMonkey, I am a dreamer. Still, it is important to recognize that how we react determines where we go …

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