Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 31 2010

Assange and the Presumption of Innocence

The misinformation campaign started by Julian Assange’s Australian lawyer regarding the rape charges behind Sweden’s extradition request continues, aided and abetted by a mess of hyperventilating fanbois (some of whom are female). In the next few days, I’ll collect and address a mess of misrepresentations, conspiracy theories, rape myths, and logical fallacies here, mostly so …

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Dec 30 2010

Notes from the Front

Your Atheist Correspondent Reports Back from the War on ChristmasI’m not quite ready to do 2010 retrospective posts at the moment, although there are some I’d like to do. The end of 2010 has presented me with too much unfinished business. Some of it is things I need to do and say. Some of it …

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Dec 27 2010

Discriminating Against the Discriminating

It isn’t terribly hard to find Christians who claim to be persecuted for their beliefs. It’s particularly easy this time of year, when people are told that the inclusive wishing of “Happy Holidays” is somehow an affront. Forget that one’s religious beliefs aren’t and shouldn’t be assumed to be somehow visible in a casual encounter …

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Dec 24 2010

Not So Very Little

The worst version of “The Little Drummer Boy” I’ve heard was playing in a pizza parlor on Christian radio. It was a duet, male and female, with mismatched vibrato in their voices. The arrangement was basically New Age, country, soft jazz, and I think they’d reworked the lyrics to make them more Christian. Yes, it …

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Dec 23 2010

Grandma Cookies

It’s the time of year when almost everything else takes a backseat to cookie making. As I’ve mentioned before, most of the gifts we give are charitable donations, with cookies to sweeten the deal for the recipients. That’s a lot of baking in a short period of time, particularly if I’ve compressed my holidays by …

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Dec 17 2010

Who’s the Hero?

So you’ve seen that some guy with a grudge and a gun shot up a school board meeting before killing himself. If you haven’t seen the video (and the standard macho posturing about how the guy had to be a horrid shot because he missed all the people and some dumbass blog commenters can hit …

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Dec 15 2010

Every Anime Opening Ever Made

Via my friend Jodyth. I don’t watch a ton of anime, but I was impressed at how quickly other examples sprang to mind from what I do watch. And one more from the same creator on a different topic. I love these music choices.

Dec 14 2010

Do These Social Skills Make My Ass Look Creepy?

A while ago, over at Skepchick, Elyse asked for suggestions for dealing with the “creepy dude factor” as a barrier to women’s participation in skeptic and atheist events. A (thankfully small) number of guys asked whether their geeky lack of social skills or someone else’s would be classed as part of that problem. I would …

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Dec 13 2010

Veganism and Virtue

I posted a link to this article a while ago on my Facebook profile, and it sparked an interesting discussion. Let’s see whether that happens again here. Many of you know that I have recently been struggling for the first time in my life with health problems. When I discovered that my problems were a …

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Dec 12 2010

Twelve Months of Almost Diamonds

DrugMonkey is perpetuating a meme again. He does it so rarely, it stays fun to participate. This meme is simple: Post a link to your first(ish) blog post in each month along with the first sentence of the post. So here’s a quick year in review. January: I’m feeling like crap for a number of …

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