Monthly Archive: September 2010

Sep 24 2010

No Good Reason

This just happens to be my favorite birthday-related song at the moment, and it has a nice student-made video. Me & the Minibar No such details will spoil my plan.

Sep 22 2010

About Those HPV Vaccines

Go get them for your kids who are in the appropriate age range. Tell people you know who have kids in that age range that these are important. That’s all. Just help deal a major blow to the most pernicious forms of this virus. Why? Yesterday I had an appointment to get a Pap smear. …

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Sep 20 2010


“Did you know that there are people who don’t hold hands when they sleep?” “Really? Weird.” “I know. What’s up with that?” “Or maybe we’re weird.” “Don’t care.” “Maybe they’ll think we’re so weird they’ll ostracize us, drive us out of society.” “Still don’t care. I’d rather hold your hand.” “Okay, that’s pretty weird. But …

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Sep 19 2010

The Voor-What?

I am pleased to announce that Hanny & the Mystery of the Voorwerp is now available for free download or purchase in hard copy. Who and the what? Well, actually, this is a collaboration between a bunch of friends of mine and NASA. It’s science outreach telling the story of a highly successful bit of …

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Sep 17 2010

Benny the Rat Embraces His Nazi Past

I wasn’t terribly concerned over Joseph Ratzinger’s election to pope simply because he had a Nazi past, having been part of the Hitler Youth. He was, after all, quite young at the time. That he didn’t make the hard choice to oppose the government of his time was not exceptional, a fact that undermined any …

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Sep 16 2010

Back on the Radio

Life is keeping me a wee bit busy these days. In the course of a week, I did a guest lecture on religious skepticism and made my return to Atheists Talk radio. Mike Haubrich is doing hostly duties these days, so I get the leisure of interviewing fun people from time to time while mostly …

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Sep 15 2010

Forced Perspective

I’m loving this video. For once, the entire internet understands what heights look like to me. Sooo nice to not be the only one. Update: Noooo! Not fair. They took it down. Something about giving the industry a bad image or something. Although, how any industry involving heights can have a good image is beyond …

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Sep 09 2010

Korans and Crackers, Identity and Authority

I generally agree with PZ Myers on the topic of Crackergate, but he has a post up today that makes me wonder a little whether he’s forgotten exactly what he did. He’s defending, by analogy to his own actions, the burning of the Koran that is scheduled to take place in Florida this weekend. I …

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Sep 07 2010

Religious Skepticism: A Bibliography

I’m delivering a guest lecture at a local community college this evening on religious skepticism. The following is a bibliography of further reading on the main topics I’m covering. Please feel free to add more in the comments. Updated: A big thank you to the students for your time, attention, and some excellent, fearless questions! …

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