Monthly Archive: August 2010

Aug 31 2010

Joy in Odd Places

There’s something weird that’s been making me happy. I don’t know that I can explain it, or even that I ought to try, but that isn’t the sort of consideration that stops me. This goes back a ways, about a year. I was walking through the skyway in downtown Minneapolis (habitrails for cold-weather city dwellers …

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Aug 30 2010

Pass It On

If you only have time to read one short thing today, follow this link. Right now. If you have slightly more time, know that it’s an analysis of the fascist tendencies of the Tea Party movement by PalMD. No, not “I don’t like those people” fascists. Real fascists. He doesn’t write about politics a lot, …

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Aug 26 2010

Doesn’t Take Much

Yes, I’m fine. There have just been a few of these lately. Little Earthquakes We laughed in the faces of kings, never afraid to burn.

Aug 19 2010

Guests on Quiche Moraine

I haven’t posted at Quiche Moraine for the last couple of weeks, but we’ve got guest authors who are more than making up for it. If you haven’t clicked over from my blogroll, you’re missing out. The first is Jim Emery, who worked for the Ashwin Madia campaign in Minnesota’s Third Congressional District in 2008. …

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Aug 18 2010

Dicks, Skeptics and the Problem of Eternal September

Phil Plait has finally posted the video of his speech from TAM (okay, it’s been just over a month, but I enjoy being spoiled by the speed of the internet), and some of the reactions prompt me to finally write about why I think his message is an important one. I’ve already written about why …

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Aug 16 2010

Promoting and Learning from Diversity

I’m a bit quiet, I know. I’m spending a lot of time thinking about a couple of big things that will probably never see text. If you’re having trouble keeping busy, and even if you’re not, I recommend the following couple of videos from this year’s Secular Student Alliance conference. The first is Debbie Goddard, …

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Aug 12 2010


In our multiply normative society, friendships that cross gender boundaries offer important opportunities to try on non-gender-normative behavior. Discuss.

Aug 09 2010

Minneapolis Primary Sample Ballot

Tomorrow is the day. Following my usual tradition, I’m posting my ballot and reasoning for anyone who trusts my judgment and hasn’t had the time to research all the races. eVoter Minnesota will tell you where to vote and who is in your races and let you print a sample ballot of your own. The …

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Aug 08 2010

Embracing the Slut

Yay! Muse in Vivo is blogging again. She’s one of those people I don’t always agree with, but I stop and check my assumptions when we do disagree. And what does she do almost immediately upon restarting her blog? Point me to “My Sluthood, Myself.” at Feministe, which I might have missed otherwise. Don’t you …

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Aug 02 2010

Let the Dead Raise Their Heads

Actually, I might get off my deathbed if somebody played this for me. It’s one of those songs that takes my heart rate and does whatever it wants with it. The Darkness She didn’t believe what her mama said And she clambered out the window in the darkness

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