Monthly Archive: June 2010

Jun 10 2010

Disability Bingo

I’m deeply ambivalent on the subject of social-interaction bingo cards. On the one hand, I see them warp discussions, as people who are arguing with each other shoehorn nuanced statements into dogwhistle boxes in the name of…oh, I don’t even pretend to understand why someone would have that kind of discussion in the first place. …

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Jun 09 2010

Yours Truly, BP

National Resources Defense Council

Jun 09 2010

Why Prayer Is Nonsense

Jason has written a blog epic at Lousy Canuck. After a stray comment about prayer being useless in a particular situation, and the argument that ensued, he’s taken a systematic look at the arguments for and against prayer. Go check it out. Introduction First, define prayer Know your deities But everyone knows prayer works! Even …

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Jun 06 2010

The Christian Colonies

My favorite dead relatives, however, are the ones who were kicked out of the Colony of Massachusetts for being the wrong kind of Puritan, which means, as long as we’re clearing up matters of religious misconception, pure in matters of doctrine, not without sin. They’d come to the colonies, as many had, because they couldn’t …

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Jun 03 2010

Reconstructing Criticism: Collegiality

“Because I said so” may be four of the most satisfying words in the English language. Unfortunately, they are almost exactly the wrong thing to say, or even imply, when delivering constructive criticism. It isn’t that a person in a position of authority can’t deliver constructive criticism. They can and do frequently, since human resources …

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