Monthly Archive: June 2010

Jun 25 2010

CONvergence & Skepchickcon Schedule

This time next week, I will be done with my last panel of the day and ready to collapse. Instead, I expect I’ll be going to a party. And then another party for my old roommate’s solo CD launch. (Go, Scott!) It’s a good thing I have a week of vacation to prepare for this. …

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Jun 24 2010

Hope Visits Pandora

It’s Greg Laden‘s birthday. Last year, I gave him a story. He seemed to like it, so I thought I’d give him another this year. Happy birthday, Greg. Hope Visits Pandora Pandora heard the smallest of noises and lifted her head off the table. “Oh, you.” She didn’t bother to brush the tears off her …

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Jun 23 2010

Raining Oil

I have nothing to add to this.

Jun 23 2010

Gun Factoids–Concealed Carry

One of the tidbits you often hear in gun control arguments is that states with concealed carry laws have lower rates of violent crime. Based on 2006 data from the Census Bureau and the FBI, here’s how things broke down. Violent Crime Total (incidence per 100,000)Unrestricted Carry: 425Shall Issue (state law requires issuance of permit): …

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Jun 22 2010

Gun Protection–Best-Case Scenario

So you’ve read my last post>, on how poorly a gun protects you in the home, and you’ve said to yourself, “Self, those numbers are pretty far apart, but hell, that’s just robbery.” And you’re right. So what’s the best-case scenario for guns protecting their owners? Find out at Quiche Moraine.

Jun 21 2010

How Well Does Your Gun Protect You?

The last time there was a discussion on Greg Laden’s blog regarding the necessity of firearms, the topic turned to home invasion, which is the classic protect-the-women-and-children fantasy scenario for gun nuts (which are a distinct subset of gun owners). I pulled some statistics to find out what kind of protection guns afforded. Since the …

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Jun 20 2010

It’s Alive!

Blegh. I’m laid up with a cold and feeling neither particularly creative nor entertaining. Instead of hanging out here, go check out The Thoughtful Animal, where Jason is talking about social capital and online bullying in the beautifully titled “The Blogosphere Is Alive With The Sounds of Bullying.” The discussion in the comments about why …

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Jun 17 2010

Whither Allies

A repost, a companion to “What Is an Ally?” I’m back from ScienceOnline09, with an inaccessible laptop hard drive holding all my notes, and I’ve gotten one mostly full night’s sleep in the last four. It would be wiser of me to hold off on blogging contentiously until I’m better rested. In fact, I have …

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Jun 15 2010

What Is an Ally?

We in the blogosphere very rarely seem to understand what an ally is. I’m not really sure how it happened. Allies in the culture wars aren’t appreciably different than military or political allies, but somehow, the meaning of the word has changed online. We’ve gone from “In everyday English usage, allies are people, groups, or …

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Jun 14 2010

Objective Values

It is June, which means we’re due another installment of Are My Values Based in Objective Reality? Not sure what I’m talking about? Start with this discussion of skepticism: I deeply and strongly disagree with the separation of ways of thinking (including scientific skepticism) and political perspectives. It is part of the progressive political perspective …

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